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The Most Preferred Resort for Fishing and Hunting Packages

Harris Hill Resort might possibly be the Best Kept Secret on Lake of the Woods for many reasons: our Excellent Fishing, Incredible Hunting, Clean Modern Lakeview Cabins and Deluxe Boat Packages.

Harris Hill Resort is indeed one of the premier trophy fishing lodges, family vacation resorts, and hunting outfitters on Lake of the Woods and more specifically on the Southern end of Lake of the Woods in the Rainy River district of Northwestern Ontario.

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We are a drive-to 3-season Resort, only 18 miles from the American / Canadian border of Baudette MN and Rainy River ON. We are the only Resort between Rainy River and Morson Ontario in a low populated area that offers uncompromised fishing and hunting possibilities. We are only 17-18 miles from hospitals, shopping and amenities on both the Canada and USA sides.

Since we purchased the lodge in 2002 many upgrades, renovations and additions have been made to provide you with the comforts of your own home while in your cabins, as well as new docks, walkways and boat slips with electricity. Wi-Fi is available, and also Cell phone use depending on your carrier.

We offer both American Plan and Housekeeping Meal Packages, as well as professional hunting and fishing guides, bait, tackle & License sales. We have all the equipment and amenities for a fun-filled and adventurous vacation.

FISH - 7 Species! Walleye, Musky (Muskie), Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Crappie, Perch, Sauger. There is an abundance in the number and trophy sizes of each Fish species found here. Ontario Master Angler Award Certificates are available - we will even complete them and submit them for you.

Walleye Fishing:

Walleye fishing is very popular in our area of the lake as there is an abundant amount of Walleye in varying sizes. Walleye are very common in the 12 to 18" range where the 15-17" are best for shore lunches and meals. Many are caught in the 18 to 25" range where you can keep 1 over 18.1" per license. There are many Master Anglers being caught that are in the 25" and over range, with 25-27" Walleye even being caught right off of our docks and in our Bay. Our guests have caught a large number of Master Angler Walleyes, even up to 34" and over 10 pounds!

Walleye fishing is good throughout the fishing season, but the quality of the Walleye fishing depends on the time of year, the weather and the skill level of the Fishermen themselves. On average you should each be able to catch between 20 - 25 or more a day. We have had many groups that have reported easily catching between 50 and 100 or more Walleye in a day each.

Musky Fishing:

Lake of the Woods is back to being the top hotspot in Ontario for Musky fishing. People from all over come to Lake of the Woods to catch these monster fish. Most of the Musky you catch will be in the 35" to 45" range, but there are a surprising number of Musky over 50". In recent years guests have caught and released many Muskie between 47 - 55". Depending on the day you are Musky fishing, you will be surprised at how many Musky you can actually catch! Anglers, when specifically targeting Musky, have been known to catch 8 to 15 in a day here.

Northern Pike Fishing:

All along the shorelines, in our Bay and around the islands you will find perfect structure and weed-growth for great populations of Northern Pike. Sunken rocky ridges, long lines of Wild Rice and shallow bays full of Lily Pads and Musky Cabbage let the Northern Pike ambush their prey. There is a high population of Northern Pike in the 35" to 45" range and each week on average we have guests catch and release Northern Pike over 43". The pike fishing here is awesome, with our (two) largest Northerns being caught at 49" by two different fishermen who fished very close to our resort.

Northern Pike

Smallmouth Bass Fishing:

There are plenty of Smallmouth Bass off rocky points and shoals and in the weed beds. You will catch many sizes of Bass but most of them caught here are over 16". On an average day if targeting Smallmouth you should catch at least 10 or more, and on many days our guests have done much better than that. Guests catch and release Smallmouth Bass consistently up to 20", with our largest being a 23" to date. Many 17 - 21" Bass are caught right in our Bay. The Bass fishing just keeps getting better and better.

Perch Fishing:

The fields of Wild Rice and sunken weed-beds are often inundated with Jumbo Perch and Huge Crappie. Perch are most common in the 11" to 13" range with Jumbo Perch being caught here up to 14.75".

Crappie Fishing:

Crappie are very common in the 11 to 15" range, but have been caught up to 16.5" here. If you target the weeds with minnows and small baits you can have an exciting day catching your limits and more right in our Bay and beyond.

HUNT - Whitetail Deer; Black Bear; Ducks, Grouse, Woodcock & Geese

Black Bear Hunting:

This resort has always been known for its renowned Black Bear Hunts. We offer Black Bear hunts in the fall where the hides are better and there are no wood ticks. Our bear management area (BMA) is over 500 square miles of prime bear habitat. Male Black Bears are typically between 200 and 400 pounds in Ontario. In our exclusive BMA area; there have been many bears harvested in the 300 to 550 pound range with the biggest being 650 pounds. There are also color phased Bear with Blonde to Cinnamon to Dark Brown fur. We have fall hunts with baited sites and ladder stands set up for both archery and rifle hunters.

Whitetail Deer Hunting:

Whitetail Deer hunting is a time honored tradition here at Harris Hill Resort. Our area produces some of the biggest bucks in Ontario with many Boone & Crocket caliber Whitetails harvested at our camp, with a 197 Boone & Crockett being our largest to date. We have well spaced baited sites with heated stands set up for rifle hunters in prime deer country in our exclusive hunting areas that covers an estimated 2000 acres.

Waterfowl, Grouse and Wolf Hunting:

We are located near the border of the Mississippi Flyway and the Central Flyway. In the fall, hunting for ducks and geese is quite memorable. Every fall, rafts of ducks and geese of many species fly over or stop right in the Bay in front of the lodge to feed and rest.

The woods and unpopulated side roads have an extremely high population of Ruffed Grouse, Sharptail Grouse and Spruce Grouse, although they are cyclical. There are also many Woodcock in this area which is another popular Game Bird for hunting.

We do not offer Wolf hunts on their own, however Deer hunters can buy a Wolf tag and harvest a wolf at no extra charge if the opportunity arises.

Bird Watching & Family Activities:

This is your chance to enjoy the Ontario landscape and wildlife while on your fishing or hunting trip. Not far from our lodge you can go Golfing, swimming, hiking, view ancient pictographs, or do wildlife photography. There are also local attractions such as aboriginal Pow Wows to attend. Bird watching is extremely popular in our area as we have a checklist of 300 bird species from the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western regions here.

Lakefront Cabins, Cottages & Marina:

We offer eight clean comfortable modern lakeview cabins that range in size and number of beds, and can therefore sleep a varying number of people. The 2 & 3 Bedroom cabins are fully equipped for housekeeping and have been renovated and upgraded over the years for your comfort and enjoyment. They offer Air Conditioning, HD Satellite TV as well as full kitchens and Propane BBQ Grills with each cabin. You can cook your own meals or choose the American Plan option, where delicious home cooked meals are served in our main lodge.

Our Deluxe Boats are fully equipped with floors, casting decks, Livewells, GPS/depth Finders, Electric Trolling Motors, as well as 4-stroke electric start motors. Our standard 18' Boats are tiller steering and have 50-60hp motors. We also offer upgrade boats that have steering wheels, consuls & either 75hp or 115 hp 4-stroke motors.

You are welcome to bring your own boats with the Launching and Docking being included in your fishing package. Gasoline sales are also available to our guests.

Please explore our website and contact us if you have any questions or would like to book your vacation. We will strive to make your vacation comfortable, exiting and give you great memories that will last a lifetime.

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Cheryl and Gary / Harris Hill Resort

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