Activities, Attractions & Events

Children's Playground with fort, swings, slide, trampoline:

Having different fun activities will keep the children happy and entertained while on their family fishing trip.

We also have games such as Bocce Ball, Croquet, Badminton, Horseshoes for the whole family when you're not out catching fish on Lake of the Woods.

Fireworks & Bird Watching:

Fireworks at HHR for our annual HHR Celebrations - July or during HHR Annual RV Fish Tournament in August

There are 302+ bird species in this unique and distinct Rainy River Area for bird watching, and many of them are right in our yard, on our property or only across the Bay from us.

Pine to Prairie Trail

Birdwatching - (Wetlands Pine to Prairie Audubon)

Golf Courses Close to Harris Hill Resort:

Golfing is nearby with a driving range and 9 hole golf course, " Spruce Creek Golf Course", approx 20 minutes away;

Discount coupons for golfing at Spruce Creek Golf Course for guests.

"Oak Harbour Golf and Tennis Club" is approx 30 minutes away in Baudette, MN;

"Kitchen Creek Golf Club" is approx 75 minutes away, near Fort Frances.

In RAINY RIVER ON only 17 miles away, There is a liquor commission / beer store (LCBO) on Hwy 11.

RESTAURANTS: Wood's Quality Bakery on Fourth St.

GROCERIES: Beaver Mills Market on Hwy 11

In BAUDETTE only 18 miles away, you can enjoy other Restaurants as well as Grocery Shopping. There are also liquor commissions and hotels;

Northlake Cafe, Alice's Restaurant, American Legion, McDonald's, Rosalie's; Lake of the Woods Foods (grocery)

INTERNATIONAL FALLS MN has an AIRPORT as well as Grocery Shopping, Kmart, Restaurants.

Local Churches:

11:00 am

Morson Community Bible Fellowship


Sunday 10 or 10:30 am

Evangelical Covenant Church

Rainy River

Sunday 10:30 am (11am after Sept 7th)

Good News Fellowship

Rainy River 

Sunday 11:00 am

St James Anglican

Rainy River 

1st Sunday of each Month 12:30am

Our Lady of Good Counsel - Catholic

Rainy River 

May - Sept - Saturday 7:00 pm

Our Lady of the Way- Catholic


Sunday 11:00 am

United Church

Rainy River 

Sunday 11:15 am

Evangelical Covenant


Sunday 9:30 am

Evangelical Free Church


Sunday 9:00 am

Sacred Heart Catholic Church


Sunday 10:30 am

First Lutheran Church


Sunday 9:30 am

Native Pictographs:

Rent a boat and do a lake tour to visit the ancient pictographs.

5,000 year-old rock pictographs made of berry juice and sap can be viewed by boat on various islands on Lake of the Woods. Visitors are reminded that these paintings are sacred and must be respected. Do not physically touch the paintings and do not pull the boat directly onto a carving. An offering may be left - tobacco is preferred.

Tomahawk Lighthouse, Morson Ontario Canada:

Tomahawk Lighthouse is approx 20 minutes from here, towards Morson Ontario. It was built in 1900 and belongs to a family with the last name of Pentney. They lovingly brought it off from an island on the lake to rest on lakeshore property. It has been maintained by the family and they may still provide tours.

POW WOWs Plus Local Attractions & Events:

First Nations People Pow Wow held at Big Grassy First Nation and Big Island First Nation.

A Pow Wow is a celebration of life through drumming, song, and dance that follows ancient cultural traditions.

Kay-Wah-Chi-Wah-Nung is also within 1/2 hour from here on Shaw Road off HWY 11 near STRATTON ON where they also have Native Dancing and Pow Wows. You can tour their ancient burial mounds, hike or "tour" their 4 km of trails along the Rainy River, enjoy their museum and artifacts, plus partake in an enjoyable traditional meal in their restaurant.

Kay-Nah-Chi-Wah-Nung Historical Centre - the Place of the Long Rapids, was designated as a site of national historic significance in 1970. It's importance has been acknowledged for generations by natives and non-natives alike, who have lived, traveled and admired the majestic Rainy River. The Ojibway people of the Rainy River First Nations are the guardians of this rich heritage. As one of the most significant centres of early habitation and ceremonial burial in Canada, Kay-Nah-Chi-Wah-Nung has deep cultural and spiritual meaning to indigenous peoples throughout North America.

There are many beautiful boat-to SAND BEACHES around HHR: right across the Bay, Snake Island, and Bigsby Island has many.

Assabaska Ojibway Heritage Park is only 15 minutes drive, where you can enjoy sand beaches and more play structures for the children, picnic areas with shelters, hiking trails.

More Attractions & Events

OSCAR'S BAY BEACH - only 15 minutes drive to Frenchman's Rock Road where you can enjoy swimming, sand beaches and hiking trails.

Emo Speedway Racing: During the evening, the Emo Speedway is home to exciting stock car races on a quarter-mile, banked clay track. Borderland Racing

Wildlife Bear Sanctuary - Emo Mike Scheibler 1-807-482-2913,

MOM's Way: Running along the Historic Boundary Waterway, MOM's Way follows the famous route of the first fur traders on the original east-west highway.Highway 11 in Ontario and Minnesota, Highway 12 in Manitoba.

McInnes Creek Chapel in Northwestern Ontario Canada, a quaint little Church nestled in the pines:

McInnes Creek Chapel is approx 6 miles away from Harris Hill Resort. It still holds several events and activities every year. Hymn Sing and Supper at Christmas time; a "fall supper" or a fish fry. There is still the occasional wedding or funeral held here.

Emma Sandmoen donated about 140 acres in 1944. The Church was built around 1939, and provided services as a Grace Lutheran Church until the 1950's. For a few years after that, a Youth Minister would come to do services in the summer. As the area's population continued to dwindle, that only lasted a few years also. The local people decided to restore and do the upkeep on the church and grounds, and named it McInnes Creek CHAPEL, instead of Church. It then changed from a Lutheran Church to a non-denominational Chapel.

McInnes Creek Chapel has gravestones with incredible images engraved on them to commererate and provide a tribute to the lives of the people buried there.

Gravestone for Tony (& Lynn) Beyak at McInnes Creek Chapel/Church.

Harris Hill Resort, previously known as Windy Bay Lodge, is etched in the back of the head stone of Tony Beyak, a previous owner of this resort who passed away in April of 2002, the same month as we purchased the Lodge.

Click photo to the left to see the grave stone of Tony & Lynn Beyak's headstone depicts the loving couple on Tony's Birthday that they just shared together 8 days before his unexpected passing.

There are many other headstones and gravemarkers that represent the lives and loves of the people who are buried there.

McInnes Creek Chapel is sacred and beautiful, charming and quaint, loved and used to this day. The love and peacefulness you feel there is real.