Plants & Trees at Harris Hill Resort

Northern Blue Flag

The following list of wildflowers and trees are just a sampling of what is available for viewing and photographing at Harris Hill Resort and the surrounding area.


Yellow Lady- Slipper Black-eyed Susan Showy Lady-Slipper
Wood Lily Stemless Lady-Slipper Large-flowered Bellwort
Common False Solomon's-seal Harebell Goldenrod
Northern Blue Flag Blue Giant Hyssop Fireweed
Starflower Spotted Coral-Root Spotted Joe-Pye Weed
Swamp Milkweed Hoary Puccoon Large-flowered Trillium
Bunchberry Bloodroot Red Baneberry
Wood Anemone Indian Pipe Cow-parsnip
Tussock Cotton-grass Wild Calla Yellow Avens
Marsh Marigold Meadow Rue several varieties Black medic
Wild Vetch several varieties Evening Primrose Indian Paintbrush
Pale Corydalis Western Canada Violet Spreading Dogbane
Asters many varieties Canada Goldenrod Common Milkweed
Stinging Nettles Wild Columbine Sweet Clover
Alsike Clover

Medicinal Plants:

Self Heal Yarrow Spotted Jewel
Pineapple Plant Sarsaparilla Plantain

Edible Mushrooms:


Edible Berries:

Gooseberries Pin Cherries Blueberries
Black Currants Elderberries Dewberries
Raspberries Chokecherries Wild Strawberries
June Berries or Saskatoon Berries

Wild Shrubs:

Plums Viburnum Highbush Cranberry
Red Osier Dogwood Sumac Wild Rose


Ash Bur Oak Aspen
White Poplar (Popple) Black Poplar (Balm) Paper Birch
White Birch Tamarack Box Elder
Balsam Fir White Spruce American Basswood
Black Spruce White Pine Red Pine
Jack Pine