American Plan Meals


Meals served in the lodge can be arranged for those wishing "American Plan" fishing vacations, hunting vacations, family vacations or bird watching vacations.

If on a meal plan "all Meals" is Breakfast at 8:15, a bag Lunch of sandwiches, dinner at 6:30. There is not a menu to choose from.

If on a guided trip, you can have shore lunch

If on a 7 night stay, one dinner is steak; other meals might include Lasagna, Roast Chicken, Beef Roast, Ham, Pork Roast, Pork Ribs, Spaghetti, "fried" Chicken, Pork Steak, etc.

Dinner meals include potatoes or pasta or rice + vegetable + salad + water or pop on hand + dessert.

Breakfasts are "Bacon & Eggs", "Pancakes & Sausage" type meals with orange juice, coffee, toast.

Depending on the number of people choosing meals at the same time as you are ...

If up to 6-7 people, meals are served "family style" in the lodge at one long table that seats 12.

Usually 7-8 or more people are served buffet style.