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The Black Bear hunting opportunity is excellent at our resort. This camp was almost exclusively a Black Bear hunting camp that offered "world class bear hunts", with success rates for harvest always being high. This exclusive black bear hunting Area is known to have a large bear population, with many bears of notable size and varying colors.

We provide baited bear hunting sites that ensure an excellent opportunity of success for all bear hunters.

Our strategically placed bear stands are in carefully chosen spots within a good shooting range from our baits for bow & rifle (12 yards to 50 yards) and one field stand at 100 yards. Our baits are active and are producing an influx of bears to the sites. Your guide will take you to find a site of preference for you and your mode of hunting. You may choose your firearm: archery or bow, rifle, muzzle loader or black powder. Whatever hunting site is chosen, an excellent opportunity awaits you to successfully harvest your trophy Black Bear.

The is a combination hunting/fishing trip.

Hunt Details

We have a large and exclusive Black Bear Hunting Area. No one else can hunt in it except our hunting guests.

Target distance: Bow avg 20 yds; Rifle avg 45 yds
There has always been a high success Rate for black bear harvest at this resort
Many trophy Black Bears
Exclusive low pressure bear hunting areas
We have a large exclusive bear hunting area
Large black bear population
There is alot of government land and alot of private land here to hunt for bear in close vicinity
We only take a limited number of hunters
We have active maintained bait sites
We Bait at least every second day for 1 month before & during bear hunting season
We have strategically placed hunting stands
Stands set up for BOW and RIFLE - 12 to 100 yards Away
Many bear have been seen of notable size and color
Colors of the bears range from blonde, to cinnamon or to brown to black
The largest bear that was harvested here was 650 lbs dressed
We have knowledgeable and eperienced hunting guides
We offer transportation back & forth to your bear hunting site only if required
We can help track & retrieve your trophy Black Bear
We can help dress your trophy bear if required
A place to hang your bear & cut up your bear in an air conditioned building
Freezer Service for your bear hide and meat
Help arranging professional processing & wrapping of your meat if requested
A picture taken of you and your trophy and a copy for you
Modern comfortable housekeeping cabins
Deluxe 18' boats with 4-stroke motors for fishing or waterfowl / duck hunting
Quality home cooked meals - American Plan or modified AP
Great hospitality, friendly atmosphere, good service
Quality hunting vacations at affordable prices

Below are examples of color phases featuring a 650 pound bear, 550 pound bear and a 410 pound bear


We want to offer you more than just hunting; we want your hunting trip to be an enjoyable and memorable vacation that you will never forget. Your bear hunting package comes with a warm, modern fully-equipped housekeeping cottage with HD satellite TV, refrigerator with freezer, oven range, microwave, BBQ, crock pot, pots, pans, dishes, towels, bedding and more; one cabin per group. You may cook on your own or have meals in the lodge. The lodge & surrounding area has WIFI and there is cell phone coverage depending on your carrier.

Your Black Bear hunt is also a fishing trip, so bring your fishing equipment. You have the use of one of our deluxe 18' boats with 50hp 4-stroke motors, and you only pay for the Gas used plus bait & fishing licenses. You can fish for 6 species of fish here on Lake of the Woods.

Firearms & Ammunition

You may bring hunting rifles or shotguns into Ontario for hunting or competition purposes if you are 18 years of age or older.
You are allowed 200 rounds of ammunition for hunting or 1,500 rounds for use at a recognized shooting competition.
Archery equipment may be brought across the border at no charge. You do not have to register them, however, you do have to mention that you are bringing them across.
All fully automatic weapons and handguns are prohibited.

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Canadian Firearms Declaration Form:

You will be required to fill out a temporary gun permit (Firearm Declaration Form & Continuation Sheet) to bring firearms into Canada. The fee is $25 payable at the border crossing.

Please Note: Do not sign your declaration form until the customs agent asks you to. All forms need to filled out in triplicate and complete.

Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Forms & Continuation Sheet are available by emailing, or by calling 1-800-731-4000 (Canada and U.S.) or 1-506-624-5380 (other countries) and from all Customs offices across Canada. Visit the RCMP web site for more information

Download Non-Resident Canadian Firearm Declaration Form (Adobe .pdf)

Download Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Continuation Sheet (Adobe .pdf)

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Should you have any general questions pertaining to the hunting regulations summary please contact the Natural Resource Information Centre at 1-800-667-1940 or by emailing

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Criminal Record ???
We suggest you communicate with a Canadian Immigration office prior to your planned trip if you have a criminal record.